So, it’s 2021

I mean, holy shit! I’ve not written in years! I’ve meant to! For quite some time! But I’ve not found the heart, or the energy, or the spirit, to do so. And the past few years in particular have been hell for anyone with sympathy, or empathy, or common decency.

It’s been rough as fuck.

This last year in particular, what with the pandemic and all the adjacent bullshit, has put us all to the test. The kind of test we hope we’re never made to face, but here we are. And it feels like we all failed.

We’re supposed to be in the fucking future! But I feel like we’re repeating the past over and over and over (and over). We are still stuck in the past. There’s still too much hate and fear.

We haven’t moved on at all, and that’s fucking sad.

But hey, maybe 2021 is the year we finally get the fuck over ourselves! Who knows, crazier shit has happened!

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