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Addicted to the Net?

It seems that in Finland people who are placed in the compulsory military service can get sent home for a few years if diagnosed to have ‘internet addiction’. The diagnosis seems to fall on those young men who before being conscripted (drafted) didn’t have much real world social lives, but were quiet types who would stay up all night playing online games and chatting with ‘virtual friends’, and then were suddenly yanked away from that life and forced into a real world they weren’t prepared for (hmm, sounds like me, hehe).

They get a few years to go home and ‘grow up’ but have to come back and finish their service.

Man, if only I could use that excuse to get me out of things, like, oh I dunno, being an adult and having a job. “I’m sorry, I just can’t take all this, I’m addicted to the internet… can I go home now?” 🙂

Read it for yourself here.



A Good Wife’s Guide

My friend Tim sent this little gem along to me. Funny stuff!

darned wimmen, learn your place! *ducks* 🙂


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“Hit the cracker in his head”

I will never cease to be amazed at how stupid some people are. A couple from Florida were having a phone conversation during a movie. A couple police officers showed up and asked them to stop, and not only did they not end the call, they made remarks like telling an officer that they’d “hit the cracker in his head” and other such remarks.

They got pepper sprayed and then were taken into custody.

DAMN them’s some dumb folk in Florida. hehe. Read the C|Net story here.


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A Funny Star Wars Fan Film

Recently the Star Wars Fan Film award winners were chosen (the top prize was picked by none other than George Lucas himself), this years ‘George Lucas Selects’ winner was Escape from Tatooine, where the entire ending is a spoof of the ending of Planet of the Apes (2001).

However, I was alerted today by my buddy Steve to the Audience Choice winner, which is in my opinion a great deal funnier than ‘Escape from Tatooine’.

Take a look at ‘Pink Five Strikes Back’ here (

However you may wish to view the original ‘Pink Five‘ first.



Feel free to protest, in this cage.

just read something I found a bit disturbing on… the protesters that are expected to show up for the Democratic National Convention this week are free to protest, so long as they do it from inside a rather scary ‘cage-like’ structure more than 2 blocks away.

Read article here

it’s unbelievable really, to look at the photos here… THIS is the kind of thing I would have expected to see in some other country non-free (Soviet Russia perhaps?) but not here in the US. It’s a bit creepy really. “yeah, go ahead, you’re ‘free’ to protest, but you have to do it way over there, behind a razor-wire covered wall, with surveillance cameras watching your every move… go right ahead!”

Hooray Secret Service and Boston Police!